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How to Hit a Baseball

22 Sep How To | Comments
How to Hit a Baseball

1. Hold the bat as you would an ax.

Right-handers, place your left hand near the knob at the end of the bat and your right hand above that. Left-handers, use the opposite placement.

2. Grip it.

Place the curve of the bat in the middle of your fingers, not in the palm of your hand, and grip the bat firmly. Gloves can help you avoid blisters and have a better grip.

3. Stand in the batter’s box.

Different locations relative to the mound provide advantages for various types of pitches. For example, standing toward the rear of the batter’s box gives you slightly more time to react to a fastball.

4. Assume a comfortable and effective stance.

Try various foot angles and positions until you find one that works for you. Slightly bend your knees and spread your legs wide enough to maintain balance, usually a little more than shoulder width apart.

5. Get ready.

Hold the bat near the top of the strike zone, with your hands at about the height of your armpits. Hold your arms slightly away from your body but not extended. Bend your knees

6. Step into it.

Step toward the pitch as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. Keep your head and upper torso steady, eyes focused on the ball, as you stride toward the ball with your lower body.

7. Lock in.

Keep your hands and shoulders still as you move toward the pitch.

8. Eyes on the ball.

Recognize the pitch, and then go after the ball. Keep your swing level and stay behind the ball, exploding into the pitch.

9. Shift your weight.

Complete the swing by pivoting forward and shifting your weight from your back foot to your front foot, bracing your front leg as your back foot turns.

10. Follow through.

Keep your elbows close to your body as the bat follows a compact circle through the strike zone. Try to watch the bat strike the ball, keeping your head steady and chin tucked in. Remember to follow through, swinging the bat completely around your upper torso – don’t stop the swing when the bat hits the ball.

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